Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Random Thursday

I'm having one of those random thursdays, where the day ahead promises to have me ricocheting back and forth among all of the little things I have to today.  Nothing horribly pressing, but just a random collection of stuff that needs to be done.  You know -- call the doctor about an appointment.  Pack up some riding pants that I ordered for Miss C online and have to be returned.  Take the load of stuff to the Salvation Army.  Pick up dry cleaning.  Clean the vegetable bins in the fridge.  Exciting stuff like that. 

I tend to get distracted when I'm working down a list like that -- there are other, more fun things to do around here.  Like what's on my design wall, for instance -- I have made big flying geese with a bunch of scraps and I'm assembling them as shown.  It's fun and so pinky which I always want to be sewing with in the spring.  My lovely Bernina (do you all name your sewing machines?  This one seems so grand that she deserves a name but I've not settled on one yet.)  had a thread jam in the bobbin case that I wasn't unable to untangle at home, so she's at the dealer's for a thorough poke through her innards.  I've set up the trusty Juki so I can piece away at remarkably high speeds.

Oh -- one more random thing.  Thanks so much for the suggestions on how to photograph big quilts!  Sadly, Kristin, I don't have an upstairs balcony but I am amused by your bungee cord-rigging suggestion.  I think I'm going to try Terry's method of pinning quilts to the garage door.  I save my old sewing machine needles for tasks like that, as they don't make large holes in the quilts but they work like sturdy push pins.   Hey! Maybe I can do that this afternoon! 

Ta ta!

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