Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An eggplant a day

Some people are spending this week cooking food in preparation for Thanksgiving.  This year, I'm thankful that my brother Gregg and his wife Kitt are worrying about the food -- I get to paint it and bring wine to dinner on Thursday.

My task this week is to paint eggplant.  We are working with purples in the online sketching and painting class I'm doing.  I'm still working on getting the paints to do what I want them to do but each time I do one, I get a bit better.  But I'm having fun and enjoying the process.  We're supposed to spend no more than 45 minutes on each picture, and I figure spending 45 minutes a day on this is pretty doable. 

But fabric is calling, too.  I clearly need a bigger studio.  And more time.  There's a house for sale across the street and last night when I was falling asleep I was fantasizing about buying it and making it my studio -- my fantasy long-arm quilting machine in the living room, a painting room upstairs over looking the back garden, etc. 

But I know I am lucky to have a room, however small, dedicated to my sewing and other pursuits, and I can close the door on the mess and leave it all there.  That is no small thing. 


  1. I know exactly what you are saying. I keep looking at my garage and wondering about a second story. But that is not going to happen either so I am just happy to be in a very small 3rd bedroom and not the workshop in the basement! :)

  2. Your eggplant looks great! I like the sounds of your dream.

  3. And there would be a itlle space for guests in the Studio House, no?!

  4. Your eggplants are beautiful! Watercolor is deceptively difficult, at least for me! I admire your nice freedom with the paint.

  5. I know what you mean about a room being too small, but I feel the same - grateful to have a room at all! But it never hurts to dream. Love your eggplants and you'll get there - it just takes time and practice.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog - I read Keyes because of my trip to New Orleans. The book was recommended as a way to get in the mood before the trip and I'm glad it was. I'm impressed that you read ALL of her books - she wrote a lot!

  6. Hi, Diane. Lovely color and painting for the eggplants. I really enjoyed your presentations of the 12 by 12 group in Birmingham and Houston. Happy holidays!
    best from Tunisia,