Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The fabric I couldn't resist

I didn't plan on buying any fabric at the quilt festival in Houston last week.  My closet is bulging as it is.  But I figured that I'd allow myself to bring some home if it was something fabulous and something I'd not seen before. And then Deborah told me to be sure to check out Marcia Derse's booth.

How had I not seen her stuff before?  It's gorgeous.  Marcia dyes and hand-paints fabric which is then printed -- so it looks like it's hand-done, but it's far cheaper than what hand-painted cloth would cost.  In fact, it's comparable to regular printed cotton. 

You can see I couldn't resist the bundle of red fabrics, above... and a few more pieces called to me, too.

You can see Marcia's full line of fabrics here, and they are available for online ordering at Glorious Color.

And for those lucky enough to live near her in Ohio, there's an upcoming holiday show at Marcia's house on December 9 and 10 about which you can find details on her website under  "schedule."  It's probably a good thing I'm a long way from Ohio.