Saturday, May 19, 2012

It felt bumpy (ha ha)

On a whim this week, I started a new project.  Here's a glimpse of it, with wonky colors from the camera flash. 

But even while I'm having fun and liking certain aspects of it, something is going badly wrong.  Having just watched Deborah's video workshop in which she creates small collage quilts using acrylic felt instead of batting, I decided to give felt a try.  But, as often happens with my projects, it kept getting bigger.  It looks like it will be about 20 x 26, maybe.  And as I quilt, the whole thing is puckering up like crazy.  I've adjusted tension and pressed and pinned ... but I think it must be a function of the felt not having the same give as mostly-cotton batting.  So maybe as I stitch, the felt gives or stretches a tiny bit, but then it's still then it pulls back up?

I've had moments of thinking that I should stop. It's pretty bumpy and a bit puckery.  But then I decide to press again, and forge forward.  This isn't that big, and it's just for fun, and maybe when the stitching is even over the whole surface, it will at least look consistent.  Then I can press and it will end up looking like an old quilt that has had a bit of shrinkage for that quilty-bumpy look.  Perhaps I will just pretend it was intentional.

I'm already thinking I will remake this, using normal batting.  I like the imagery.  But I'm dismayed with the texture.  I'll be sticking to normal batting next time.

But have you quilted on acrylic felt?  Has anyone else encountered this problem? 


  1. Did you bond the fabric? That's what I usually do when I use felt. ( but now, the pieces were smaller than yours.)

  2. I've had problems with acrylic felt stretching - tried a piece of reverse applique with it a few weeks ago and I needed more regularity than I actually got ;-(

    Hope that you fall in love with your piece by the end though - the bit that you've shared looks lovely!