Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Contemporary Fabric Collage Video Workshop

Here's my friend Deborah Boschert.  (She's shown here at the Houston Quilt Festival last year, signing our Twelve by Twelve book.  Doesn't she have the best smile?)  I just love Deborah.  She's not just totally nice, and fun, and beautiful -- but she's got oodles of creativity and the talent of making it look so effortless.  When we do our Twelve by Twelve reveals, I always look forward to seeing what Deborah will do, because I know I will love it and learn from it.

Those clever folks at Quilting Arts apparently agree, because they have just released Deborah's video workshop, Contemporary Fabric Collage.

Because it's by Deborah, I was pretty sure it'd be excellent, and I was eager to download the digital edition and watch it.  (Oh, I forgot to tell you -- It comes in a DVD version and a digital download for instant gratification!) 

I was right. Deborah has reduced the layered collages she makes so well into an accessible formula, which she demonstrates with clarity in this workshop.  She talks about fabric choices, adding sheer elements, and embellishing with hand-embroidery.  As I was watching this, I found myself having to stop myself from reaching for fabric so I could play along as she went.  One of the best things about this, I think, is how Deborah shows how free-flowing and unstructured the construction can be.  Plus, I've been totally inspired to add some hand-embroidery to the piece I've got going now.

You can get a taste of the video in this excerpt from Quilting Arts.  But really, I highly recommend it.  Even if I didn't already know Deborah and her art, after seeing this, I'd want to!

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  1. Oh thank you so very much, Diane! I am so happy to hear that you were inspired. Seriously, that is just the best compliment ever. I am so happy to be able to share just a few ideas about technique and creativity in the dvd, but mostly I just want people to be inspired to give it a try!