Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Sense of Well-Being

There are times in one's life that present opportunities for reinvention.  Sometimes we recognize them, as with the start of a new job, or a move to a new place; sometimes they seem like part of life's progression, and only in retrospect do we recognize how much our lives and our roles in them evolved.  Graduating from school and transitioning to the working world, getting married, adopting a child -- I look back at those times and while I knew those were big milestone events that would change my life, I didn't appreciate how much they'd change me and my sense of myself.

I've been in transition over the last year, and I'm glad to report that I've entered a new and contented phase.  It's definitely a time of reinvention -- I'm viewing myself and my life in a new way, not quite sure what will come, but feeling hopeful and peaceful and energized.  I feel a bit like that branch in the photo up there -- something has been lopped off, but something new is starting to bloom, too.  It's odd, and a bit scary at times, but mainly it feels good.

So I've been working on cleaning house -- literally and figuratively.  I feel the need to get the space around me tidied up and uncluttered and serene.  (Okay, I'll confess that I've got a long way to go before things get to "serene" around here -- I just have too much stuff around me that I love and get pleasure from seeing!  But it's getting better!)  On the literal side, I've hauled boxes of clothes and shoes and household items to the Salvation Army, and I've weeded books from the shelves to donate to the library for its next sale.  I'm moving things around, and I've even begun painting the room that will soon be my working office in a delicate ballet slipper peachy-pink, so I can work in a rosy glowing space.  My sewing space will expand a bit (moving the desk out gives me a few more precious feet of space -- hurray) and I'm creating a corner that will be dedicated to drawing and painting so I don't have to put away the sewing things before I can break out the watercolors. 

And I'm making lists, lots of lists-- and setting some new paths for myself (I'll avoid the dreaded Resolution word) to get back to things I have loved and missed (like blogging here more regularly).  When the weather warms up a bit, I'll get out to the garden, too. 

Oh, so much to do, so many ideas and plans ... and it feels very good. 


  1. Welcome back, and of course your office will be pink!

  2. What a positive and warming post. I wish you well with your 'new phase' and look forward to seeing the work that comes from it.

  3. What Karen said!! Love you so much. This makes me happy and happy for you.

  4. I can hear a very contented sigh behind these words. It makes me so happy to sense that contentment coming from you. Carry on! Make it work!

  5. Contentment is the best place of all. Serenity? Well. It can wait :)