Thursday, January 24, 2013

In the Pink

Apparently there are people who can paint a room and end up with all of the paint on their walls, instead of on their bodies and clothes.  I see them on HGTV all the time -- they toss on an apron over lovely clothes and start painting and by the time they're done, they look just the same.

Me?  Not so much.  When I titled this post "In the Pink," I was speaking literally.  I have spent the last few days painting the room I'm converting to my work and computer office.  It's a small room -- 10x11, maybe, nothing complicated.  Still, I managed to get paint EVERYwhere.  On my clothes.  On my arms and legs and glasses and feet.  There was one exciting (and I mean that in a bad way) moment when I knocked the paint tray off of the ladder and it fell straight down, landing upside down of course.  Thank goodness I'd taken my messiness into consideration and covered the floor liberally with plastic-backed drop cloths.  And how many times did I then STEP into the spilled paint splotch?  Once is bad enough, but yes, I did it more than that. 

Sheesh.  How do those HGTV folks do it?

I can at least report that I did not get a single speck of paint on my Ipad, which I had in there to listen to NPR and TED talks while I painted. 

At any rate, aside from a tiny bit of touching up on the white trim (which I'll do tomorrow), I am DONE. 

 I can hardly wait to start moving furniture in and organizing the office.  And then that will lead to re-organizing my sewing room to take advantage of the space vacated by the desk.  So more excitement ahead, but at least the painting is done. 

And, by the way, I now remember why I vowed after painting the family room and kitchen a few years ago that from then on I'd hire painters. 


  1. Ohhhhhh this is gonna be great!!!! Looks lovely already.

  2. It's a beautiful shade of pink! I can't paint without creating a mess either.

  3. This is why Mr C does not let me paint. I make a mess - even when I paint fabric. That color will make you glow.

  4. It's a lovely pink.
    You made me smile. Your painting technique sounds very much like mine.

  5. One advantage with your (our...) technique is that when you go out in public afterwards people will know that you have been hard at work. And you get to hold out your arm at an akward angle and say "this is the colour I've chosen for my new office" ;-)

    It's a lovely shade of pink, by the way! Have fun reorganizing now!

  6. Love the color. And it's good to know I am not alone in being a very messy painter.