Friday, July 05, 2013

Feeling Beachy

Some time ago -- over a year ago, I think -- I came across a collection of fabric that I just fell in love with.  Aren't those the happiest, summeriest fabrics?  I just love the little flip flops and clams and sunglasses and beach umbrellas.... I couldn't resist getting a bundle of fat quarters, and when they arrived I mixed in some other fabrics from my stash (the lobsters! the stripes!) that seemed to fit.  And I put it in a bundle in a closet for that undefined point in the future when I'd be in the mood to start something new.

Well, the right time was yesterday.  Subtle, yes, working with all of that red white and blue on a hot July Fourth?!  I'm going for simple, just a beachy banner sort of thing.  And I'm loving it. It's just what I'm in the mood to be doing.  Just look at those beachballs!  And seagulls!  Don't they make you happy? 

Which makes me think... Some people are very good about sewing their seasonal projects so that they are finished when the appropriate season comes around.  This quilt, finished, would have been perfect to have draped over the couch yesterday and all of this month.  But I can't ever get myself to work on stuff out of season.  I feel like making Christmas thing at Christmastime.  This isn't the best for planning purposes, obviously.  How about you? Do you work on summery things in the winter, and get your winter projects done in the summer?


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I'm in agreement with you. The online quilt places are pushing Christmas fabric/patterns/kits now and I have a whole tub of those things just sitting, waiting for Christmas. Then I'll decide just as I have for years it is too late to make anything for Christmas so it will sit in the tub for another

    I'm talking about a LARGE tub of stuff!

  2. What fun fabric and the triangles are a perfect design giving a pennant effect. Bright and breezy all year around. Besides, if it takes a few months to finish, summer will almost be here in Australia.

  3. I always think I am going to make lovely things for each season and holiday, but those that I have actually done are done like the day before the holiday because seeing everyone else's holiday decor gets me in the mood, then the moment the holiday is over I am totally over the mood. That is why my grandson still doesn't have a Christmas sock to match his sister's. It took me three years to get hers done because I only worked on it the day before Christmas.

  4. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I was thinking about that very same thing today. I just can't bring myself to quilt something Christmas in July. I saw some autumnal items in the stores today - Yikes! Take care, Byrd

  5. Very festive for the 4th, but also for the entire summer. What line of fabric is it? I have a friend who is always looking for beachy things because she lives at the beach. If I give her some yardage she could do as she likes with it. I might still be able to find some.

  6. The fabric is by the manufacturer DearStella and is designed by Jack and Lulu. The line is called "It's a Shore Thing." Some of the fabrics are still available, and there is a colorway that features pink that is very pretty, too. I think there is also a more current line by them that has beachy themes too.