Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Celebrations

Oh, it is so satisfying to finish a quilt!  And in the same month I started it in, too.  Who'd have thought?!

The fabrics are mostly from a collection called "It's a Shore Thing" by Jack and Lulu.  It looks like they still have some of these fabrics here, by the way, in case you have fallen in love with these fabrics the way I did. 

It is now draped over the back of the navy couch in the family room, where it looks summery and festive all at the same time.  I like how this quilt and the bannery look of the triangles reminds me to celebrate a little bit every day. 

Now I suppose I should use finishing-a-quilt excitement to pull out a UFO and finish that, too.

I hope your summer is full of little celebrations, too!


  1. That is SO beautiful, Diane. What pattern did you use for the blocks? The quilt really defines summer, doesn't it? I feel like I'm at the beach when I look at it!

  2. What a lovely quilt! It looks like a whole pile of bunting, so I can see why you want to celebrate every day!

  3. Thank you, Dianne and Plum! I didn't use a pattern -- I used the Tri-Recs Tools Acrylic ruler (
    and just alternated the print with white triangles. Very simple!

  4. It's Wonderful! I love the fabrics and the quilting! Very Summer!

  5. Such a clean, fresh look! Summer-y and festive