Saturday, August 10, 2013

Loopy and Meandering

Well, hello there!  It's been a while since I've blogged ... even though I've been home, I've had a flurry of things to check of my August to-do list, so I've been getting things done.  That always feels satisfying.

But look -- I have finished another quilt!  I can't show the front as it is a gift and it has not yet been delivered, but I thought I'd show you the back.  I wanted to try a meandering loose feather, and I was even brave enough to do it in a contrasting thread on the back so the pattern really shows.  It suits the front and it worked just as I'd hoped.  And it was fun to figure out another design, too.  I spent several evenings in front of the TV filling pages with doodled meandering feathers to warm me up, and that definitely helped.

I've been sketching, too. 

I sure am learning a lot as I do each page in my watercolor journal.  There's always something new to figure out.  How to compose and draw the scene, what to do with detail, what to leave vague, how to manipulate the paint, mix the right colors... It's all pretty new to me but I'm enjoying the process. 

On the home front, Miss C got all four wisdom teeth removed 10 days ago, and she is doing beautifully.  She's not quite up to munching on popcorn or other seriously crunchy things, but she's almost healed and eating without pain mostly.  So that's a nice milestone passed.

We are counting down the days to a trip to see Taylor Swift in concert, which was one of Miss C's Christmas presents this year.  This year I will be prepared for the hordes of sundress-and-cowboy-boot-clad teenage girls and their glittery signs.  Or maybe that is out of fashion for a Taylor Swift concert nowadays?  I will find out.  I wonder if C will be humiliated if I wear my red cowboy boots.  Probably.  Then again, she's at the age where most things I do humiliate her so maybe it doesn't matter. 


  1. Just to say I am still reading you and miss you when you don't blog. Del

  2. I love your sketch/watercolor! I just bought the sketch pad and pens and pencils and have the water colors but haven't tried it I guess I should find a group!

  3. Wonderful stitchery of those feathers to say nothing of your lovely sketches.