Thursday, August 15, 2013

Maybe a cinnamon roll?

I finished this simple quilt recently and sent it off to a special friend for her birthday.  It's always so gratifying to finish a quilt!  It's partly why I like sewing on quilt bindings -- it's the signal that I'm almost done, and I can relax with hand-sewing in front of the tv.  This quilt binding's accompaniment was a few episodes of Masterpiece Theater's "Mr. Selfridge" which I'd recorded but not seen. 

This is a jelly roll race quilt -- if you've not made one, you might give it a try as they are very fun.  You can watch a tutorial here if you want the details on how to do one.  You don't even need an actual jelly roll -- just a whole bunch of 2.5 inch strips of fabrics you like. 

Even without any border or added fabric, it makes a perfect lap sized cuddle quilt.  I'm happy to report that my friend has received it and seems quite delighted.


  1. The colors are great. Love it!

  2. It's beautiful! A great gift :)

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