Monday, August 12, 2013

Every day creativity

I have been thinking a lot lately about my creative practices.  I'm not very disciplined, really -- I don't march myself off to my sewing room each morning at 9am, nor do I have a detailed list of creative goals that I track with subtasks and checklists and such.  But even while I'm loose about these matters, I do try to make time for something creative every day.  That's goal #1. 

Lately I have been breaking up my errands with stops around town to sketch.  I am surprised at what I can do in 20 minutes, actually, and I often end up thinking that I do better if I have less time, as when I take more time I start to over work the watercolors. 

Today, I ran my errands and then parked my car across the street from this house which I've always liked.  I used to drive by it every day taking Miss C to elementary school, but now I'm in that neighborhood less often.  I enjoyed a very pleasant hour sketching and painting and this time I didn't spill the watercolor water into my cup holder, which I did last week. 

A side benefit of this new practice is that when I'm out and around, I look at things as drawing and painting subjects in a way  I didn't before.  (It's like when you're focused on machine quilting, and everything you see could be a quilting design.)  I'm noticing all sorts of new things in the place I've lived for years. 


  1. I just love your watercolored sketches.

  2. Someday the owner of the house would probably love a copy!

  3. Diane!!! This is fantastic! Your best yet... when's the book coming out??? ;-)

  4. I am quite simply inspired by your sketching! Inspired to try some of my own. Are there any publications you suggest for the beginner? I've looked at Jane LaFazio's site, but her online sketching classes don't begin again for another year -- though I've signed up for a short course she's co-teaching for Straithmore. Well done, Diane. Keep it up!