Saturday, February 25, 2006

Around the block brightly

A few months ago, I told you here about my Practical Design workshop assignment to use a particular traditional quilt block as the basis for a new design.

At the time, I fiddled with Electric Quilt 5 and designed several different blocks...but none thrilled me enough to want to rush to fabric to start sewing. I also decided to spend my time on my house quilt, so that's what I did.

But my next workshop is next week, and I decided that I wanted to complete this and see where the assignment takes me next. ( I suspect that future assignments will involve this base block, but who knows...) I rejected my previous designs, and instead did what I usually do: I picked fabric that I love, and started there.

And here's the exciting part: With my new birthday scanner, I was able to scan my actual fabric into EQ5 and then design the block to see what it would really look like! It was incredibly easy to scan and save the fabric swatch and then use it to plug it into my design.

And voila, here it is! My sewn block really does look just like this!


  1. That's really exciting design work,especially as you could scan your fabrics you wish to use. WOW!
    Maggie H. UK

  2. Can't remember the name of that block.. but I it's one I love!! And your fabric really makes it work. hope you bought enough fabric for the future projects.

  3. I really am going to have to play more with my EQ5. That is beautiful and fun!