Friday, February 17, 2006

If this is Friday...

I've been spending a lot of time in the car lately.

On Wednesday, I drove the 2+ hours each way to Folsom to do the workshop with Frieda Anderson.

Yesterday, Caroline and I drove to San Francisco (about a 90 minute drive each way) to visit the Exploratorium (a great hands-on science museum) and Chinatown. Caroline is home for so-called "ski week" and this outing was a specific request. I was especially proud of her for being so nice to the ladies in the shops in Chinatown. Being with an obviously non-Chinese mom, she attracts a lot of looks and questions from the shopkeepers, but she handled it pretty gracefully. I'm very pleased that she is so proud of her Chinese heritage. She chose a really beautiful Chinese dress in a frosty blue silk that looks gorgeous on her, which she will want to wear to every special event in the next few months, I know.

Today, I head back across the Golden Gate Bridge to San Mateo, a town on the other side of SF from here, to work in my sister''s booth with her at the Sew/Quilt Embroidery Festival. Laura designs gorgeous needlework patterrns and sells hand-dyed threads, and we'll have fun chatting with stitchers, demonstrating stitches, and otherwise enjoying the show. You can check out her wide variety of designs here, btw.

Then, tomorrow, all three of us head back to Sacramento to go to a party on a riverboat on the Sacramento River (ooh la la!). We'll stay overnight and return on Sunday afternoon.

Lots of goings on...I'm having fun but am looking forward to next week when I can just stay home, too!

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  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Oh, my goodness! You are really putting on the miles aren't you. We must get together next week to belatedly celebrate your birthday!!