Thursday, February 09, 2006


If you don't have enough quilting conversation and inspiration around you, you can now download it right to your Ipod or MP3 player to take along with you. How cool is that?!

Alex Anderson has started a new podcast -- a downloadable audio program -- called Quilting Connection. You can listen to it by just playing it on your computer while you listen, or you can download it to listen on a portable device later. It's pretty new, with only 2 episodes so far. In episode #1, Alex talks about the demise of Simply Quilts and now the podcast is where she's going instead. For those of us who are comforted by regular visits with Alex to learn about the lastest quilt techniques, tips, and tools, this is welcome news.

There's another one, called Quilting Stash, hosted by Annie Smith. She chats about various quilty things -- quilt shops and her experiences going to them, workshops, all sorts of things. I've only listened to one episode so far, but I found Annie pleasant to listen to, and the podcast seemed like listening to a friend chat about her most recent quilt adventures.

Both of these are general quilt stuff, not focused on art quilts. (Gee, anyone want to start up an Art Quilt Podcast? MELODY?! GABRIELLE?!) But they're entertaining. Today, I was doing some slow and rather dull satin stitching on a project, and it was fun to listen to these while doing that tedious work.

And if you have Itunes software on your computer, you can subscribe to both podcasts for free, so the newest episodes are automatically downloaded to your computer when they're available.


  1. Thanks Diane! I already have Alex Anderson on my IPod, I'll look into getting the other one too. Jen

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Diane, thanks for the tips on the quilting podcasts. Although Annie's Quilting Stash show isn't directed at the art quilting community, I found her shows FAR MORE inciteful and enjoyable than Alex Anderson's show.

    I get the feeling that Alex is going for the commercial feel that she is accustomed to when she did her TV show.