Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Cottony Way to Die

Hey, you friends of mine:

You guys who are with me when we end up in fabric stores? And you guys who run into me at quilt shows? You all know who you are.

I have an order a request for you: If you see me holding fabric and standing near a cash register, DO NOT let me buy it! Rip it out of my hands! Push me away from the register! Yank my wallet away from me! Shove me to the floor, if need be...but do not let me come home with more fabric.

It's not a money issue...although I don't even want to try to estimate the value of the fabric crammed into my closet.

It's a space thing. I have fabric in every nook and cranny in my office, and I've used up the under-the-bed space, and I've got some on a closet shelf in the bedroom, and I've use the drawers in the hallway....

Simply put, it is TOO MUCH.

"Woman Dies After Fabric-Stuffed Shelves Collapse" is not a headline I want my family to have to see. (Although suffociation by fabric wouldn't be a totally horrid way to go...My last thought would probably be something like "I love that Kaffe Fassett print too much to cut into it" or "I forgot I had that piece that Melody Johnson dyed!")

This is a cry for help! Stop me before I buy again!

(Can you tell I'm putting away my stuff from PIQF?!)


  1. Oh no, ma prevent a quilter from taking home more fabric would be a duel ending in one's demise and the quilter would be victorious!!!!!! Besides, you need special intervention by a non-quilter to even remotely consider this request.

  2. Great comment by Karoda - what else could I say?

  3. If you stop buying fabric, apparently you must learn to knit and start buying yarn!

  4. There are places to donate fabric if you are out of room. I am going through my own stash now to (gasp) cull it and make space for newer interests. I may have to mail to the donation sites week by week so I can afford the postage! Jen

  5. I'm with Karoda...a non-quilter's the only one who could accomplish that. Us quilters would just be bad influences and accomplices...

  6. I heard of a quilter once who'd passed away. Her husband emptied her fabric closet and thought he was done. Then for a year afterwards he would find fabric hidden around the house...between the matresses on the bed, stacked behind other things at the top of the closets, and basically crammed into any empty spaces.

    Wouldn't that be something, to be remembered by your stash! :P