Monday, October 10, 2005

I interrupt this blog....

... to make an important announcement. I've been reading blogs on the Artful Quilter's Web Ring, and I just have to say:


(No, I'm not drunk. Okay, I'm mildly nauseated from all the obnoxious legal pleadings I've been reading lately... but still, I'm overcome with the urge to hug my computer monitor because of you all.)

Truly, this is an amazing group of artists and women. Did you realize that the ring has 105 members now?

I'm absolutely blown away by the creativity and diversity of the women in this ring. If you hop through the ring, you can visit world-famous quilt artists and teachers. You can see work that you KNOW will be big, prize-winning work one day, while it's actually in the process of being made. You can see people making quilts for their kids and their friends and people they don't even know. You can watch as quilt artists explore still life art, color, design. You can get great inspiration, and you can receive feedback and encouragement on your own work.

And, even beyond the quilts and art shown on these blogs, you can glimpse the lives of 105 different and delightful women, from all over the U.S., the U.K., Scotland, Australia... You can see (or be linked to) virtually every quiz on the internet to find out what wine you are, what old movie you are, what movie star you are, what rock band you are, etc. (Ahem! I'm not naming names here but you quiz-linkers know who you are...and we love you for it!)

I love having you all appear on my screen and I thank you for everything you share with me through your blog!


  1. Diane
    I feel just the same, this group is amazing. And even though it takes me awhile to get through all 105 (yikes) blogs, I still do visit each one, irregularly. I love the variety of creative women artists here.

  2. Yep I agree. I love the diversity too and on a wet afternoon there is nothing better than reading through the various blogs.

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Cheers to you too Diane for having the vision of the AQ Ring.....

    It takes awhile but it is now part of my weekly routine to go through and read about all the artists on this list. I have laughed, shared and learned so much from the blog writings

    I have to confess I enjoy this online group more than my monthly quilt guild meetings because of the diversity of the art and women on the list has challenged me more .

  4. All the glory to you are the magnet that brought us all together...and I must confess I never thought I would reveal unfinished art or initmate details of my life in cyberspace, but you have us all comfortable by creating such a marvelous mix of personalities. Cheers to you...hiccup!

  5. Yeah Diane! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and work in creating this ring!

  6. Diane,
    I love being a part of Artful Quilters. I have found inspiration, encouragement,fun, laughter, and comfort.
    Thanks for making it happen. Jen

  7. Aww...we love you too!

    Thanks for starting this. I know that I'm always inspired by all of the quilters in our ring and I am enjoying getting to know them and their artistic processes. I have learned so much and everyone keeps me motivated!

  8. Diane, I'm really grateful you started this. And to think when I started my blog, I thought I was doing it solely for myself, but now I look forward to hearing from other ring members and commenting on blogs by others. It is very much a community for me.

  9. Diane,
    Although I'm part of the Ring yet, I'm in Queue...I so enjoy reading everyone bolgs!It feels like a "sisterhood" of inspiration.

  10. Thanks for all the wonderful things you said about the "Artful Quilters"...

    I have a challenge for all of us - check out my blog, and pass the word around!

    Julaine Lofquist-Birch