Tuesday, January 03, 2006

After the Flood

The Russian River runs right through Healdsburg, my town in Sonoma County, California. Several times a week, we typically drive over the Healdsburg Avenue bridge, and see the river far below.

This week, the river is so flooded that THIS is what the river and bridge look like.

Looks like we won't be playing at Badger Park this week... See those picnic tables under water?

We've had to reassure Caroline that our home won't flood. We're far from the river, and our house is on a pretty high elevation. But we can hear the creek across the street -- usually an almost dry creek bed -- rushing away.

I took Gemma for a walk to explore the area this morning while we had a clear spell...Looks like more showers this afternoon. Caroline is back to school, Roger is hard at work in his office, and all is cozy inside. Time to get a bit of work done...


  1. Thanks for the photos + update. We'd just been discussing the flooding in your area as we drank our David Caffaro wine... he's our favorite winemaker and we regularly order futures from him and have them sent to us here in NJ.
    Glad to know you're OK - hoping David's vineyard is, too!

  2. Glad to see/hear that you are high and dry. The news photos of all of the flooding are so depressing.