Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Postcards from Sonoma County

My art quilting group, the Pointless Sisters, met yesterday. As always, it was fun and I came away excited and inspired.

The big excitement yesterday was that volunteer participants revealed the "postcards" they'd made, to be used on an opportunity quilt which will be raffled off by our big parent guild. This is the first year that our "big" guild will have 2 opportunity quilts, one traditional and one art quilt. So it's a new adventure for all of us.

The group decided to do "Postcards from Sonoma County" as the theme, and our task was to make a 12x18 inch image reflecting wine country colors and images. These are unfinished, as they'll be assembled (by a brave group of 4) into something different. But here's the collection:

You can spot my oak tree silhouette. I was a bit worried that its dark colors would make it stand out too much, and maybe they'll choose not to use it. That's okay with me.

I got individual photos of a few of them. Here is Cathy's rocky inlet, made with a Sue Benner fusing technique. Cathy wasn't thrilled with it, she reported it, but we all loved it.

Marty created a very postal image, complete with cancellation mark, using a photo of a tree from a winery in her area. We all covet that beautiful fabric on the bottom edge!

This is Pat's, in which she experimented with thread trees. They're made by sewing lots of thread onto water-soluble sulky and dissolving it later. Very successful. Pat always uses fabric very creatively... notice how well she has used patterned fabric for landscape elements.

It'll be fun to see what the final result looks like!

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