Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Ring and other thoughts

ARTFUL QUILTERS: The AQ Web Ring is one year old (plus a few days) and has 113 members today! Isn't that cool? Be sure to check out our newest bloggers! I like to scroll backwards through the ring (hitting "previous" on the box) or using the "random" option to just go where the ring takes me. I'm very inspired by everyone's goals for the new year!

By the way, as you are hopping around the ring from time to time, please email me if you find a blog that doesn't have the ring code on it anywhere or hasn't been updated in over 30 days. I'll send a gentle reminder to the blogger so that the ring will continue to work well.

MEMES: I had to laugh when I read Dierdre's blog entry today... she was responding to that 4-way meme and referred to it as a MeMe, which struck me as all too appropriate: they're all about "ME," after all. But they're so fun to do (because of course we bloggers are endlessly fascinated by ourselves) and fun to read!

GENERAL SUNDAY STUFF: Somehow yesterday I seem to have tweaked something in my lower back. I think it was when I had gotten dressed up and ready to go out to dinner with Roger and I had to lunge to avoid the jumping dog from leaving smudgy puppy paw prints on my shirt! So today has been a quiet day with the heating pad and anti-inflammatories. Another good reason not to take down the Christmas tree!

GOOD FOOD: Last night, we celebrated my friend Beth's birthday at a marvelous restaurant in Yountville (near Napa) called Bistro Jeanty. Tres chic! It was a cozy, charming french restaurant. The nine of us sat at a round table and consumed great food and various wines and champagnes. I had sole meuniere, a filet of sole dish that seemed absolutely drenched in butter, deliciously decadent. Ruger happily tucked into coq au vin, one of his very favorite things. We watched as Beth's brother Pat (known to us all for years as Patrickio Pig) ordered a pigs' feet appetizer... no, I didn't taste them. But we did enjoy little tiny fried smelt in a spicy aoli. And a chocolate mousse creme brulee dessert that was to die for.

It is simply astonishing to me that Beth and I celebrated her 21st birthday together (not so long ago, I'd swear!) and last night we were celebrating her 50th! How weird is that? Of course, we're still young and spry and stunning, if somewhat forgetful. And occasionally flushed and cranky! It was a very, very fun evening.


  1. No photo of you and Beth??

    I'll have to make it my mission to work my way through the entire web ring this week. I don't do it as often these days as I used to when it was smaller, but it's still a fun thing to do now and then.

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Oh, your dinner sounds fabulous. I must go there before leaving town - shall we go for lunch?