Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hippety, Hoppety...

Easter's on its way. And if it's time for Easter, that must mean it's time for...

See's Candy, of course!

If you live in the Western US, you know that See's Candy is delicious brand of candy...mostly chocolate confections, but other good stuff too. See's was started by Mary See in San Francisco -- her face is well known to everyone who has ever walked through a mall in California or opened a box of her candy. Someone told me recently (could this be true?) that she was an unwed mother, thrown out of the house by her shamed parents, and so she went to work for some candy store owner in SF. She learned the business and then started her own and voila, here we are, pounds later. Pounds of chocolate, for her...pounds of fat on the hips for many of us.

ANYway. Why am I blathering on about this? See's runs these great and surprisingly easy fundraisers for nonprofit groups like elementary schools. So, I've been running an Easter candy fundraiser for Caroline's school, and I've had chocolate on the mind lately as a result. The order-getting part was easy...after all, this stuff pretty much sells itself. But the shipment arrived Monday morning, which meant that I spent all Monday afternoon in the school library sorting boxes and assembling orders. And tuesday morning I walked all over the school grounds (in the rain, to those outside buildings where the room numbers don't go in order so you have to roam around to find which room is where...) delivering the orders to classrooms.

Today, I've sorted out few puzzling problems that arose, gave free chocolate bunnies to the three kids who sold the most, sold a few extra items just walking around school with it (wanna sell some chocolate? Hit up the teacher's lounge during afternoon recess...) and then distributed the remainder items to the hard working secretaries and classroom aides who make next to nothing but keep the school going.

I'm sorta sick of chocolate, and I didn't even eat it. Well, much, anyway.

We are off tomorrow morning to spend Easter weekend in Lake Tahoe. With the dog, which ought to be either really amusing or really a pain or some of both.

Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. You just reminded me that I must go out and find a See's candy store. I know they are in Portland. Love those eggs with all the lucious fillings — mmmmmm!

  2. While we live on the east coast, "Mother" See is no stranger to our household!! VBG!!! We are very fortunate to have family in Southern Cal, and they always send us a few lbs from the Mother's larder for Christmas...funny how those few lbs multiply into many lbs on our bods!! What is truly a miracle is that Mother See is now selling in the malls here around Christmas time. We are not blessed to have her here at Easter too, but we have been west in the spring and purchased some mighty cute See's tins filled with Easter goodies....of course I just wanted the tins so that I could make sewing boxes out of them, I really did not want the chocolates!!! LOL