Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sniffly Sunday

I liked Deborah's picture entry so much that I thought I'd try it myself to show you how my Sunday has gone.

I woke up and took some

for my cold. I've been going through the

like crazy!

For lunch, I had

then settled down to read my book,

I roused myself to go to

to buy

and then was so exhausted from that excursion that I came home to take a


  1. And then I glanced at your sidebar and still no picture of the lovely you. C'mon Diane, you are a creature of beauty. Let's have a picture. Ok you can wait til your nose is better.
    Love Mel

  2. That is such a perfect napping picture. I was thrilled to come across the painting I found for my post. Very fun! I'm glad you joined in.