Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In Which the Day Does Not Go As Planned

This is what I saw when I turned on my computer this morning.

...which is to say that my monitor died, and I saw nothing.

This monitor had a good long life. It belonged to my dad, originally. He's a high-tech connoisseur who has the very nice habit of giving his expensive, high-performance gadgets to his children when he upgrades. This was the monitor that jumped me from 15 inches to 17 inches, a vast difference in my field of vision for work and play. It's a huge, heavy beast and it takes up the whole corner of my desk. But it's been a good ol' monitor. And I knew it was going, from the odd humming and other strange things it has been doing lately.

But gosh darn it, this really changed my day. I was going to sew, while making intermittent trips to the laundry room... And instead, I spent the morning in my husband's office researching monitors and figuring how best and most quickly to get a new monitor on my desk, then the afternoon trekking to Circuit City and CompUSA to check out their offerings.

I'm now awaiting a fancy flat panel Dell which should arrive in 2 days. Until then, I'll have to visit the internet on Roger's computer. And gee, since my work will be hindered, I'll just have to get back to work on my quilt.

Give your monitor a good pat and a "thank you" today. It's awfully dark without it!


  1. Anonymous5:28 AM

    We have a flat panel Dell moniter and LOVE it. It will be worth the wait, Diane.

  2. Anonymous5:33 AM

    That would be *monitor*...don't you hate it when you catch a mistake right before it's posted but just after you hit publish?

  3. Love my flat panel monitor and you will, too. Hope your quilting day was productive.