Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Better days...

Things are definitely looking up around here, and I am smiling!

First, my computer guy Gary was here for 2 1/2 hours yesterday, in which time he determined all of the things that the problem WAS NOT, which unfortunately led to the unhappy solution of reformatting the hard drive. And, as I'm sure you know, that means being forced to abandon all of the material stored on it. Sigh. The good news was that a) the hard drive itself was not damaged; so b) I didn't have to buy a new computer; c) it's not that hard to re-load software; and d) I was able to reinstall all of the music and podcasts and audio stuff I'd had on my harddrive BACK to the computer from the Ipod, with the assistance of some inexpensive software. So I didn't lose all those music files purchased for 99 cents a song over a long time, the fear of which was causing me some concern.

I have learned my lesson and just got back from CompUSA where I have bought various items to aid me in my FREQUENT and DILIGENT backing up of files. FROM NOW ON. (By the way, Gary pointed out to me that most people back up their files on an external hard drive, dvd or cds...and then store them next to the computer where they would be destroyed along with the original files if there were a house fire or similarly horrible disaster. So he advised me to buy one of those 1 or 2 gig flashdrives, store backup the document stuff on it regularly, and store it offsite, like the car glove compartment.) And as I am suitably chastened by the loss of all of my files, I am going to listen to him.

But now that I can read email, read blogs, and play Toontown with Caroline again, I am feeling much happier. Having a totally nonfunctional computer for 48 hours felt weirdly like being at death's door. I was at total loose ends.

Oh, and I have a new hair dryer which comes with some sort of new ionic technology that is supposed to make my hair look simultaneously fuller and shinier. Regardless, at least it's dry.

Today I even managed to get to the Pointless Sisters art group for the last half (having meetings scheduled on school stuff earlier in the morning) and so I had the chance to admire some lovely quilts and be newly inspired. I was happy to see that Carol Larson (whose blog "Tall Girl Tales" was on the ring for a while until Carol decided to pause the blog for a bit) has joined the group. Carol is a very talented quilter from Petaluma who brought a gorgeous abstract piece of tulip fields. (Sorry, in my rush to leave the house I forgot the camera.)

Afterwards, I had time for a grocery-store-takeout sushi lunch which I ate while catching up with my buddies Pat and Janet, then we had our practical design workshop with Marilyn Felber at 1pm. Marilyn is such a great teacher, and her thoughtful approach to design really turns lightbulbs on for me.

I'm feeling much happier about life today. Oh, and I managed NOT to blow up my sewing machine, too.


  1. This is all very good news. Hooray. Of course, I will now be tossing and turning all night since I never back up anything. I know, it's terrible. I adore grocery store sushi!

  2. I am so happy for you to be all fixed up! I have that hair dryer! So happy that Carol is joining you. She is very professional and will be agood addition to the group. But waaaah!! I want pictures.