Sunday, May 21, 2006

No internet and lank hair

I am officially having One of Those Weeks.

You know, THOSE weeks.

Saturday morning, I worked for about an hour on my computer and then it suddenly froze. Totally, completely froze. Rebooting gave me strange, blue-screened error messages. Despite my valiant effort, I was unable to make any progress on my own and have resorted to placing an urgent call for repair into my Computer Guy, Gary. He promises to be here sometime Monday.

Keep your fingers crossed that it's some trivial thing that will be fixed quickly without file loss. Hah.

I KNEW I shoulda stayed in Hawaii. Ahem.

(I am doing this quick entry on Roger's computer.)

This morning, I was rushing about to get us all to the Imaginary Festival, which was a wonderful event at a local winery featuring performances by the Caroline's kids' acting group, the Imagination Foundation. I got Caroline all prepared in the required clothing, jumped into the shower, jumped back out to style myself...And my hairdryer had died. Totally, completely died.

No computer and no hairdryer, in the space of 24 hours.

I ended up leaping into the car to go to my sister's and use hers.

I am going to try to use this time as an enforced vacation, and perhaps sew. (But I'm a bit afraid to touch my machine, out of fear of my current bad electronic karma!)


  1. Hope things get better...that your sewing machine doesn't self destruct and that you have a glorious time with your creativity!

  2. Two dead electrical thingies. Please report when you find the third.

    Blue screen of death is NOT a good thing. Ever. Hope the computer guru can fix it.

  3. But I miss you! I am praying for your computer - ha!