Monday, May 01, 2006

A Change of Pace

It's been a few days since I've been able to post here, for various reasons. First, there was the cold that turned into a sinus infection...picture me dragging around looking wilty and tired and headachey.

But Roger -- wonderful father and husband that he is -- stepped up and agreed to be one of the parental escorts for Caroline's class overnight field trip to a Miwok Indian camp last thursday night. Roger earns mega husband and dad points for this, as 1) Caroline was thrilled to have him go and share the experience; 2) I didn't have to go and sleep out on the sand and deal with 30 10 year olds for 24 hours straight; and 3) I got to stay home ALONE for those same 24 hours. Here they are, heading out the door...

I hope they didn't hear me leaping about and whooping with glee as they pulled out of the driveway! (I love my family, but time alone in the house? For a whole 24 hours? Priceless!)

So, I napped, I read, and of course, I made a quilt top:

This is a copy of a quilt that a friend of mine, Delaine, made. I saw it at the Bishop's Ranch retreat and was immediately obsessed with it. Hers had different colors, but I was so intrigued by the symmetry that I just had to play with it. So that's what I did with all those green fabrics. I think I'm going to call it "Spring Fields." There's going to be another reddish outer border on it any day now. Still, it was SO satisfying to have a huge hunk of time to sew.

Then Roger and Caroline came home, tired, slightly sunburnt, but with great adventure stories. Here's what the whole crew looked like on their way out of town:

(And wasn't that some nice mom -- not me, thankfully -- who sewed all those indian-type shirts for the kids?!)

Here's a shot of Caroline's Miwok "clan" making baskets with our neighbor and co-classroom-dad, Tom. They camped at a site in the Point Reyes national park, on Tomales Bay. And they slept right there on the sand! (While I was in my cozy bed, I might add.)

Sunday brought an impromptu visit from my best friend Beth and her dog Jake. It was the first time Jake and Gemma met so we made a party of it, complete with hats.

Perhaps it is pathetic that we were so greatly amused at the doggies wearing hats, but there you have it. Jake is one of those relaxed dogs who just sat around with his hat on, looking slightly rakish. Gemma pawed hers off right away.

We had grilled swordfish, summer squash casserole, caesar salad, good sourdough french bread, a great chardonnay (Jessup Winery) and homemade rhubarb pie for dinner. Sorry, no pictures, it got consumed too fast!

Now it's back to the usual schedule and a ton of work. But I'm feeling better and the sun is shining (it feels like summer in fact). What more could I ask?


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Great quilt! Is there a pattern available?

    Betty in VA

  2. No, Betty, I worked from a picture and made it up as I went along. But really, it's like quarter log cabin pieces.

  3. That quilt is gorgeous!!!

  4. Wow, I love that quilt!!! And your color choices are smashing. The doggies are adorable.

  5. What does a quilter do when she gets 24 hours to her self? Start a new quilt, of course! But to actually finish a whole quilt top? Wow! Well done! And it looks really great - interesting pattern, and I love the colours!

  6. I love the doggie medieval "princess" hats!!