Monday, October 02, 2006

Log Cabin Knitting

About a week ago, this book showed up in the library with my name on it. I'd apparently put a request in for it some months ago, but I couldn't remember why. I took it home, and only recently got a chance to sit down and look through it.

I had a great time reading these goofy women's take on knitting and seeing their terrific fun projects. And then I found a page that made me say "Ah ha! So THIS is why I wanted to see this book!"

There's a whole section on Log Cabin Knitting. They show how to knit log cabin squares the way you piece them, starting in the center and adding strip by strip around each side. You can make squares and join them, or just keep going and going for one large log cabin throw.

What a great idea, huh? And another use for all those yarn left overs, too.


  1. I love it! Almost makes me want to try knitting again. Almost. I'll stick to the quilting, but I might have to pick this up for a friend's birthday!

  2. Maybe that should be my airplane knitting for this trip. Easy fast and fun, as we all like.

  3. I want that book!!

  4. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Just started reading your blog from the link from Pamdora. You are truly inspiring and give me a giggle as well. Thanks. Went right out and bought that great knitting book! LOOOVE IT! And the writing is hilarious. Will take all my leftover yarn and work on one this weekend at the Cape. Portable quilting really. Thanks again!

  5. Mary Beth, where ever you are, thanks for the lovely comment! You made my morning! Send me a picture if you get going on the log cabin knitting!

  6. I see stuff like this and it makes me really want to knit, because I enjoy the process so much, but I've decided since lasst year that I don't have time to make quilts and knit too. But love you're showing the stuff - the basic geometric designs always appeal strongly to me.