Monday, October 23, 2006

Show and Tell

At some point during the ranch retreat, we take time to have a group show and tell. It's great fun and we all love seeing what the others have brought. I thought I'd share a few photos from this retreat's show and tell. A disclaimer: we hold show and tell in the ranch's chapel, where the lovely colors and stained glass windows make for unusual lighting. This year, we did this in the early evening, so the light was fading. As a result, the photos are not great (and in some cases really grainy) but you can still see the delightful quilts displayed by these talented women.

Pat D. shares my love of these Kyle's Marketplace fruit and veggie fabrics. She wasn't thrilled with this top but then someone suggested it would make a great tablecloth, so she loves it again.

Here's another beauty by Pat D.:

Eleanor usually works in the ranch kitchen, but this time got to attend the retreat as a guest and relax and sew! She shared this fun quilt.

Here's Kathy S.'s gorgeous poppy:

I love this strippy one by Maurine:

More fun strip work by Jennifer (excuse that elbow in the corner):

And you've got to love these circles by Diane A.:

Nancy shared this great fish quilt.

Look! More strip fun by Helen!

Several women in the group had taken a workshop from Therese May on whimsical portraits. Here's Lesley's, which I think she's making as a Day of the Dead quilt. It has buttons and puffy paint and all sorts of embellishment on it, and she promises more doo dads to come.

Here's something you won't see often: Carolynn holding up a bright quilt! Carolynn usually works in a very soft palette, but last time she and Pat D. challenged each other. Carolynn agreed to make a bright quilt if Pat D. made a brown quilt. Look how thrilled Carolynn looks with hers!

And here's Pat's brown quilt... Still pretty "bright" for a brown quilt, but it fit the bill. There was much hilarity as these two were shown.


  1. Love the DOD quilt. I think Carolyn needs to go back to the Civil War fabrics. AI t was fun to see the show and tell - thanks. Oh, and Kathy's poppy was gorgeous!!

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    What a great quilt show - your retreat sounds like it was a blast!

    And I love the brown quilt! But they are ALL cool!