Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Show and Tell, Part 2

I wish I were quilting, but instead I'm catching up on home-business after my retreat days. So, I'll show you more gorgeous quilts from the retreat's show and tell.

Pam made this huge and colorful quilt:

Here's Kathy S.'s baby quilt:

Diane A. showed off this fun quilt from an Alex Anderson class:

Nancy made a poppy quilt from fabric she bought in France, and her good friend Diane A. liked it so much that Nancy surprised her with one for her, too. What a good friend!

And isn't this a great Halloween quilt by Nancy?

Here's Sydne's faces from a Therese May workshop:

Helen has the patience to do lovely hand-applique.

Tamara showed this chain variation (I forget what it was called) that matched her outfit perfectly!


  1. Thank you for showing us all this beautiful quilts. what a inspiration.

  2. I bet Tamara's underwear matched, too! Beautiful quilts. thanks for taking me back to the ranch again.

  3. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing these.

  4. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Hi, I wanted to comment about children's parties. I would've been right there with you. I never felt comfortable leaving my children with parents I don't know. I stayed at many parties over the years, pretending to be a helpful parent when in all actuality, I was a very watchful and cautious parent.

    The worst parties for me were the ones at Chuck E. Cheese. Besides it being loud and chaotic in there, it was a child predators dream because there were so many unsupervised kids running around. It would be so easy to grab a child and run out the door. Even if they screamed, they would not be heard over the arcade noises, etc.

    Anyway, good for you for watching out for your daughter and the other kids at the pool. There does come a time when you let your guard down. My kids are 14 & 18, and I've not attended a party with them in years! LOL

  5. What a nice show and tell. All the quilts are so different from each other, yet they are all beautiful in their own right.
    About parties - it is the hosts responsibility to make sure everything is safe, but you are very smart to trust your instincts. Offering to be a helper is very smart. Or at least spend a few minutes to survey the scene and guage the competency / similarity of values of the other parents. You will become more comfortable with certain parents, and less with others.
    But overall, you can't really change anybody else. So it is a matter of educating your kids and making sure that they know and follow your value system. Eventually you will learn to trust your kids, and their judgment about their friends.