Monday, March 05, 2007

Because sometimes you need a silly joke...

A cowboy walked into a bar and ordered a whiskey. When the bartender delivered the drink, the cowboy asked, "Where is everybody?"

The bartender replied, "They've gone to the hanging."

"Hanging?Who are they hanging?"

"Brown Paper Pete," the bartender replied.

"What kind of a name is that?" the cowboy asked.

"Well,"said the bartender, "he wears a brown paper hat, brown paper shirt, brown paper trousers and brown paper shoes."

"Weird guy," said the cowboy. "What are they hanging him for?"

"Rustling,"said the bartender.


  1. Anonymous10:51 PM

    So a piece of string walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve string here." The string goes out and gets all kinked and twisted up and pulls some of his fibers out. Then he goes back into the bar and orders a drink. The bartender says, "Hey, we don't serve string here -- aren't you a piece of string?" The string answers, "No, I'm a frayed knot."

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Har dee har har! Loved both of these jokes.

  3. Tee Hee. I am always on the look out for jokes to add into my law lectures to keep people awake - I'll be telling yours in London on Thurs and Friday. Plus I didn't know Lolly Winston had a new one out - I loved her first one. Very gald I checekd out your blog today!