Sunday, March 18, 2007

In the Pink

Here in Northern California we are having glorious, sunny spring days. The plum trees are in bloom in cotton candy shades of pink and white, and trees and shrubs everywhere are leafing out in a soft spring green. The pink tulips in the backyard are starting to bloom. I just love pink tulips.

I like all pink flowers, in fact.

All of this puts me in the mood for Pink. Suddenly, I'm craving all pink, all the time.

This is my current favorite pink fabric, from Kaffe Fassett. I just want to wrap myself in it.

And look! Here are pink Kaffe Fasset pjs! Don't you want to put these on and sit on Sunday morning on a white-railinged porch to sip coffee and read the paper?

And you could wear them while you sit and knit something pink?

Cruising the pink fabrics at makes me feel happy.

Ooh, and such shades of pink thread...

Oh, c'mon, doesn't this quilt make you smile?

And you know, there are such things as pink diamonds.

Aren't they gorgeous and sparkly? If I had $5000 lying around, I'd buy this:

...but then I'd need something like this to wear with it:

And then there's the pink wig...

Um, never mind.

Maybe I'd buy this Kaffe Fassett painting with my hypothetical $5000:

Ah, well. The pink tulips will do it for me today. But in my pink mood, I'll be working on this quilt, all in pink and rose and red fabrics, at my April quilt retreat:

Here's wishing you a sunny, pink Sunday!


  1. Oh my, these photos are yummy! (Well, except maybe for the pink-haired Barbie which is kind of creepy. Heh.) It's making me crave spring even more than I already do! We aren't even close to having blooms on tulips or trees yet. My crocuses (crocii??) aren't even blooming yet. Sigh...

  2. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Do you have too much time on your hand surfing the web for pink things! :-)

    We are in to pink snow season here in Portland - pink petals are starting to dot the landscape.

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Did you buy the K.F. Pink PJ's to wear at retreat? Love your new quilt. See you soon at the ranch!

  4. Thanks for the pink ispiration -- made me think about some of my own pink creations!

  5. Anonymous4:56 AM

    I love pink! What a fun and colorful post. We are about a month behind you in spring weather here in the northeast and we have no color outside yet. But I'm painting up a storm at home and everything has a touch of .... pink!

  6. Anonymous1:36 AM

    I Love Pink too!
    loved all the pictures!
    What quilt pattern is that you will be making in April at your retreat?
    I JUST LOVE that quilt..
    Kathie in NJ

  7. Just to say that this post is DELICIOUS! I want to eat all the pictures, they're so great. :D