Monday, March 26, 2007

Making quilts, making art

I'm feeling today like my head is stuffed tight with batting (ah, the spring head cold...), so I have been taking it easy. This morning, after doing my household chores, I made myself a pot of tea (in my PINK teapot) and sat down to watch The Art of Quilting. (After emailing my local public tv channels to find out when it was on, and then emailing everyone i knew locally to tell them to be sure to watch it, I managed to forget about it and miss the airing. That is SO me.... But I knew I'd want to own this show so I'd ordered it from PBS and as luck would have it it arrived on Saturday. )

Anyway. What a great show! I'm so inspired and invigorated and, while I feel that I'm a rank beginner in this art quilting exploration, I'm very proud to be participating in my own way in this endeavor. Seeing such beautiful art and hearing these artists talk about their art and their processes is so encouraging.

And thank you all for your really nice comments on my little acorn-inspired quilt. I've still not landed on a name that feels right to me, but it'll come eventually. And I'm delighted if my showing my methods inspires someone else. I feel like I'm stumbling along, motivated and inspired by the generous sharing of so many talented artists and quilters whose blogs show their work, and it's funny to think that my experiments will inspire someone else. But it just makes my day to think so!

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  1. Diane
    You're inspiring, I love this quilt. The colors, line and shapes are well done, and the quilting is perfect for this. Thanks for sharing your design process.