Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Experimenting and having fun

This is a little preview of the piece I'm working on for the Twelve by Twelve challenge. And, as my work on this has evolved, I've found that it has done exactly what I wanted this challenge to do.

I've been keeping track of my ideas in a sketchbook, a new process for me (at least in any sort of organized way). I've used my own dyed fabric, and I experimented with resist and discharge techniques, which were fun even though I opted not to use them. I hooked up my new Bernina needle felting attachment and had a grand time playing with that. I tried out a bunch of machine quilting ideas, used water color pastels, and even ventured into (gasp) embroidery embellishment.

Good thing this is only 12x12". But maybe that's one of the good things about working this small -- this detail work might not be effective on a larger scale.

Anyway, I'm having fun and am ALMOST done with my piece.

To see my piece and the other 11 pieces on this theme, you'll have to check here on November 1!

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