Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Still playing with color

It was a gorgeous sunny day yesterday, so after I got some work out of the way, I decided to break out the dye and play a bit more with complementary colors. I dyed 3 separate trays, and in each one poured complementary colors on opposite sides and tried to smush the color into the middle. I got some very fun results and will be doing more of this, I can tell.

Here's yellow and violet...not an appealing combination in the pan...

But I love this result.

Here's orange and blue, creating a rather garish mix:

...which led to this result. Interesting how the green separated out, huh?

In the red and green dish, I smushed and smushed (that's the technical term) until I was afraid it was too muddy (this is before the smushing)

but apparently I didn't smush enough, as the colors didn't blend nearly as much as I thought they were.

This brought to mind the more scientific result we'd done with Carol Soderlund. There, we dyed up gradations of complementary colors, and with the end bits of dye mixed them together to see what color resulted when we mixed various complementary colors. Here's my page of dye swatches from that experiment. You can see the color gradations, and the last two swatches at the bottom of each color strip are the colors that result from mixing in a bit of the complementary color. Nice way to explore browns, mushroomy colors.


  1. Mmm... lovely results!

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    My favorite way to dye - smushing. I love those mushroomy browns, too.

  3. Diane, could you contact me, at Anne At Wigfull Dot Co Dot UK as I can't find an email address for you and need to 'speak' with you.