Thursday, October 11, 2007

Having fun is fun!

My horoscope for today is instructing me to go off and have fun:

There is no denying that having fun is ... well, fun! So try to put some good old silliness at the top of your 'to do' list today. You can kiss goodbye to the deep issues of life for at least the next twenty four hours, and focus on just skimming the surface of things. Keeping life light and breezy will be pretty easy today, especially if you are surrounded by friends who understand how to have a good time. Keep it simple, keep it low maintenance -- and you'll keep smiling!

Apparently Mr. Horoscope is a day or two behind, as this sort of sums up life at Bishop's Ranch on retreat. So, even in advance of this nice instruction, I've been popping out to the ranch retreat every day for a whole lot of goofy quilting fun. But apparently I'm fated for more fun as I head down to the bay area to go to the Pacific International Quilt Festival.

Today's news is that Caroline's school will resume Wednesday if all goes well. Missing only 7 actual school days given a major fire seems miraculous. It was quite handy that another child from Caroline's class lives on the premises of the ranch where my retreat was being held, so she was able to come with me a few times to play with her buddy while I played with mine.

I didn't take any pictures this time, as I was a bit discombobulated by having to figure out how to juggle schedules every day, but given the school situation I did get to be there for a good amount of time. And, as ever, I come away feeling so enriched by the experience of quality time with some really wonderful women. I feel so fortunate to be able to hang out with those folks and laugh and laugh and laugh.


  1. I too find that locating and using some "me" time has been suffering lately. Yesterday, however, I had to get to the Fair Trade Coffee Roasters before I began to suffer "fresh ground" deprivation and so travelled the approximately 30 miles through the lushest growing region of my Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The sights and smells were overwhelming - miles and miles where all you can smell is apples, shorter stretches where all you could smell was chicken doo doo, ditto for cow and hog :-)
    then lovely incense-like woodsmoke. Visually overwhelming too - fieldd of pumpkin, corn, squash, grain being harvested, leaves turning and dark cloudy skies with tatters of blue. A mini-vacation and so soul refreshing. We need these pauses, and earlier in the day I had attended two meetings with close friends - another true joy!!
    Felt good to get back to the quilting with new energy.

  2. the mini-vacation sounds truly lovely. glad that school will resume quickly--that's great news. and as i read your recent posts, i kept thinking how i wish you could attend the international quilt festival in houston. it's so much fun--and so overwhelming, with five miles of stuff to see, all packed into one Building o' Joy. can't wait--wish you'd be there, too--