Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

We are seeing in the new year with a visit with our dear friends Diane, Eric and Abby from Maine. They arrived on Sunday evening, and we have been talking and laughing and eating and having a grand time ever since.

To get ourselves out of the house, we ventured out to the dog park yesterday afternoon.

Gemma had a grand time -- it's her favorite place. And Caroline and Abby had fun, too.

Gemma made a new friend, who was happy hand over his tennis ball if only you'd throw it for him.

Later, we feasted on cold cracked dungeness crab, warm sourdough bread, and champagne. Delish.

The girls were happy with their sparkling cider.

We all struggled to stay awake until midnight to watch the ball drop, give each other New Year's hugs and kisses, and then we headed to bed.

More fun visiting ahead... meanwhile, may all of you have a new year filled with friends, family, love, and laughter.

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  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    You are truly blessed. Thanks for giving me a wonderful connection to a kindred spirit throughout the year, even though we have never met. You help me to be grateful for all I have and to celebrate life. Happy New Year!