Friday, December 28, 2007

Up and About

After a second bout with the most unpleasant flu I've had in years, I'm up and around again. That is, if you call "up and around" lazing around on the couch playing a new Nintendo game with Caroline (thanks to my sister), waiting for another batch of jello to firm up, and fiddling with the new camera. I actually ventured out to return books to the library and get a new batch. Quite the exhausting day.

But I did manage to capture a shot of Gemma's classic eye roll. It's one of my favorite things about her, how she can keep her head still and so expressively roll her eyes.

Tomorrow I'll embark on massive tidying to prepare for a visit from dear, dear friends of ours from Maine. We are all excited to see them, so it'll be a real treat to have them here.

Now, off to a soup-and-jello dinner...


  1. Ick! Feel better soon--the flu is the pits and you've had a spell of it this year...

  2. I had one of those super-flu things a few Christmasses ago, Diane, so I'm sending BIG hugs! It was the first time I realized how someone could actually die from flu...LOL! Feel better soon, and Happy New Year.

  3. Here's hoping your feeling much better by now! Have a happy and HEALTHY new year!