Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Merriment

Christmas certainly flew by, and a grand time was had by all.

Christmas eve: Christmas songs played on a hammer dulcimer, Prosecco and pomegranate juice, velvety butternut squash soup, cold cracked crab dipped in melted butter, sourdough french bread, sampling of traditional Christmas cookies and chocolate bark, hunting for silly Christmas videos on Utube, and lots and lots of giggles...

Christmas morning: hot coffee, flying wrapping paper, cats jumping in and out among the holiday debris, Caroline's squeals of delight, Roger's laughter at unexpected gifts, apple cinnamon french toast, Gemma's confusion at which new toy to play with first, lots of pictures with the new camera...

Christmas evening: ham warming in the oven, mercury glass gleaming on the table, Joshilyn's "fat potato fat fat" in the works, happy arrivals of family members, the champagne cork popping, oohs and aahs over the traditional Christmas artichoke dip from Laura, more paper flying, happy exclamations over presents, new collars for Gemma and Katie, announcements of our charity donations in lieu of gifts (we're not so great at the "in lieu of" part), yummy dinner (ham, aforesaid fat potato fat fat, annual raspberry jello, spicey orange green beans, rolls), MMMMMMinty ice cream cake for dessert, a family round of Apples to Apples, more laughter, Caroline's glee at winning among all the grownups, comfy post-prandial couch-sitting.

A lovely, lovely holiday.

Followed by more flu in the household, causing Dec. 26 and 27 to pretty much vanish, but things are looking up.

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