Saturday, December 15, 2007

What Do You Want for Christmas?

Do you have people around you (say, a spouse maybe) who, less than 10 days before Christmas, suddenly ask you what you might like for a Christmas gift? And, if that happens, do you instantly go blank and have no idea of where to steer your good-natured and willing gift-buyer?

Just in case that happens to you, here are a few ideas ... And you know, you can just email the link as a visual aide for your last-minute shopper friends! These places have last-minute shipping, too!

Some great books are new on the shelves to provide inspiration for art quilters:

Jeanne Williamson's The Uncommon Quilter (you can read my review from a month ago here)

The Painted Quilt by Linda and Laura Kemshall -- great ideas and inspiration on design, painting, surface design, and more.

Nancy Crow's newest book, "Crossroads: Constructions, Markings and Structures" is available for PREORDER here (wouldn't you love a note tucked into a card that says you'll be receiving immediately in the mail when it's released?)

"Living the Creative Life: Ideas and Inspiration from Working Artists" by Rice Freeman-Zachary. A fascinating assortment of thoughts and ideas about creativity from working artists in all areas.

"Kaleidoscope: Ideas and Projects to Spark your Creativity" by Suzanne Simanaitis. This book has stories, exercises, and fun ideas to jumpstart your creative exploration.

Rex Ray: Art + Design features the abstract design of San Francisco artist Rex Ray. Luscious shapes, great color, wonderful inspiration.

Neogeo: Illustration and Urban Art by Robert Klanten - covers geometrical forms and solid colors in current design. Very intriguing and more great inspiration.

Okay, maybe books aren't the only things you want... Here are a few supplies you might not buy yourself but they'd be lovely to receive:

Paintstiks Holiday Starter Packs - these come with the "Paintstiks on Fabric" book, rubbing plates, and six paintsticks to get you started in your explorations.

Creative Textile Tool -- sort of like a wood-burning tool but for fabric. You can use this to play with applique, embossing on velvet, fusing, stencil cutting, and more.

Jacquard ExtravOrganza (sem-transparent silk organza sheets) and opaque silk (in sheets or in a roll),all ready for inkjet printing!

Angelina Fiber Jeweltone Sample Set -- Can't decide what color of Angelina Fiber you want to play with? Or are you always missing the one you want? has several different assortments in different price ranges.

"Bead Gravy" and "Bead Soup" -- Maybe Santa will fill your stocking with these great color-sorted assortments of glass beads from Equilter!

"Complex Cloth: The Workshops DVD Set" - If you can't take a class with Jane Dunnewald herself, you can watch these DVDs of her as she demonstrates the processes in her Complex Cloth book.

So, here's what you do. Print out this list (go ahead, hit that print button up there) and circle or check off the things you want. And keep it handy so when your ready-to-shop buddy asks, all you need to do is hand it over.
Sorry, I don't provide gift wrap! Happy Holidays!


  1. Maybe you don't provide gift wrap, but that's a great list. Thanks! i'll take one of each ;-)

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Great list, thank you!

  3. Nancy Crow's book is already out and I just love it. Of course it helps to be a NC fan, but the insight it offers on the life of an artist can be appreciated by all.

    Thanks for publishing such a great list. I'd add to it a really good pair of scissors.

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I have "The Uncommon Quilter" waiting for me in Pittsburgh and can't wait to see it! I also spotted and was tempted by the Rex Ray book when I was in San Francisco, and then promptly forgot the artist's name (although I just knew it was NOT Rachel Ray!) Thanks for the reminder.