Sunday, December 09, 2007

Quivira Challenges

What with all of the holiday and horsey goings on around here, I have not had a chance to post about the get-together of the Quivira Quilters. Thanks to Pat M, that's the new name for my local challenge group -- a group of of us local art quilters (3 in Sonoma County, 4 over the hill on the seacoast in Sea Ranch) who have banded together for a monthly challenge.

Our first meeting was last week, and we had such fun! First, we revealed the results of the "coffee and cream" challenge. Sorry that I don't have individual pictures -- but heck, at least I remembered pictures at all! You can click to enlarge the picture and see each piece better. You might recognize my swirling coffee and cream down in the bottom right corner.

Then, after oogling all of those, we put our results for the "fences" challenge:

On that first one, Marilyn decided to illustrate her being "on the fence" between Hilary and Obama. We were all quite amused with that twist on the theme! I just love Pat's depiction of Christos' fence (bottom, 3rd from left).

We had lunch and of course yakked and yakked. Our December theme is "masks" and the January theme is "childhood memories." Hmmm. Whatever will I do...


  1. Those challenge quilts are really interesting. Of course my eye focused on your quilts first. I think the Obama/Hillary one is fun.

  2. Anonymous6:21 AM

    The challenge quilts are very cool. I love them all. Gets the ideas flowing for simple, expressive ideas.