Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Capable of Thousands of Words

Look what I'm getting for Christmas! It's hardly a surprise...I picked it out and ordered it myself. And it'll be here within the next day or two. Yahoo!

You may have noticed the lack of photos here... which is due in part to my being fed up with the old camera I have, which has such a shutter lag that it's hard to get a clear picture of anything that moves (such as people and animals and things being jiggled by a passing breeze). Roger is similarly irked with his tiny point-and-shoot digital camera, so we opted to upgrade our cameras as our gifts to each other.

I've enjoyed researching and reading and checking out cameras in stores...and I finally landed on this Panasonic SLR-like camera with an attached Leica telephoto lens. I think it'll far more than I'll ever need it to do, and yet it's still pretty small and something I'd throw in my bag to go places.

Roger's still deciding... not sure whether to go the digital SLR route and take advantage of some great Canon lenses we have, or to go the route I've chosen and go for something a tad smaller.

Oh--the tree, by the way, is UP in its stand but not yet decorated. (That's tonight's excitement.) After dinner (and fortification by a glass of good Shiraz) Roger and I tackled the tree together. Yes, it did need additional shimming to get it to stay upright in the stand...but we discovered that the tree trunk itself is bent, so when it was resting right in the stand, the tree looked crooked. Geez.

I tell you, I'm shopping for bargain fake trees on sale after Christmas.


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    If you still want a real tree, you might try this tree stand:


    We have one, and it's great. You put the cup like piece on the bottom of the tree, then drop that into the stand. There's a pedal that you hold down with your foot, so you can adjust the orientation of the tree in the stand by just moving the trunk. Once you have it placed as you like, you let go of the pedal, and the tree stays put. My husband bought it 10+ years ago, and we've never had trouble putting up a tree since.

    (friend of Mary Lou)

  2. I don't see a flash on that camera or a shoe to put one on. Is it there and I am missing it?