Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bishop's Ranch Challenge

I'm finally getting a chance to sort through the pictures from the Bishop's Ranch retreat 2 weeks ago (ah, it seems so much longer than that already) and I thought I'd share the results of our quilt challenge. The assignment was to use two particular fabrics which were provided to each participant: Kaffe Fasset's "lotus leaf" print and a green/turquoise stripey piece. There were no other restrictions. And, not surprisingly, the results were fabulous.

Here's Pat M's quilt...and the paper in the lefthand corner is a photo of the quilt made by her sister MaryLou, who lives in Massachusetts and was unable to make it to the retreat this time.

This is Sally's. You can't tell in this photo, but the flower petals are dimensional -- they stick up and really look like lotus flowers.

Here's Sydne's:

This is by Carolyn, who rarely works in bright colors but pulled off a wonderful quilt despite not being wild about the fabrics.

This is Janet's (sorry about the blurry shot):

And Joanie's (another blurry one -- sorry!)

This is Maureen's -- aren't these chairs adorable?

Here's Pam's...

And Pat D's, using a pattern by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes:

This is Ancella's:

And Carol Ann's:

Delaine cleverly made this one quilt to satisfy our challenge and one for her guild, too.

This is by Diane A (the blurriness is mine, not hers)

This is Eleanor's

And you might recall my comical and slightly risque contribution:

The challenge was quite the success and we really enjoyed looking at them all hung together. (That's a plus for doing a challenge with mandated fabrics -- they tend to look cohesive hung together, regardless of how different the quilts actually are.)

Janet, Pat, and Sandy chose fabrics for next April's challenge, including (gasp!) a brown. I have no idea what I'll do, but of course I have a year to decide.


  1. what fun to see all of these, since I know everyone.

  2. Love the quilts and I enjoy your blog so much!

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  5. The pictures are very beautiful.
    I like it.