Monday, September 15, 2008

Keep on going....

Meet Jake, my friend Beth's dog. He's old and has a number of ailments, but we call him the miracle dog because he just keeps on going despite the vet's dire predictions.
But he's here today because this shot illustrates how I've been feeling over the last several weeks...old and tired and draggy and just not right. I swear, there is something cosmic going on that is making things just feel WEIRD, you know? And I'm not the only one feeling this. Personally, I blame George W, for just sending the whole country and economy and cosmos awry. I always feel better after I blame George W. (There's a handy health tip for you.)
Plus we've all had stomach bugs. That's no fun. We're better, I think (crossing fingers) and I've been craving comfort food. Last night's choice was ratatouille over linguine with lots of parmesan cheese and a good red wine.
Perhaps things are looking up!
But now I must get cracking. The Twelve by 12 challenge on the theme "shelter" is due in two weeks and I can't seem to get to anything I like. I've also been invited to participate in an exciting international challenge on the theme of "world festivals," and my assigned festival is a Mongolian festival called "Nadaam." So I need to figure out what I'll do there, too.
And then there's housework... and laundry (I am LOVING the school uniform thing, btw -- makes life so much easier!) and legal work and indulging in my current urge to purge stuff...
Phew. I go from thinking of all the stuff I need and want to do to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in no time flat.
So here's my theory for today. I'm going to pretend to feel energetic, and maybe I'll fool myself and actually get stuff done. I'm channeling Jake the miracle dog and I'll just keep on going....

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  1. Ted and I are feeling the same way, and we think it has to do with the politiacl situation. Our guy Barack seems to be lagging and it so depressing to watch the news, with the focus on non-issues, and the same old, same old politics as usual. I find myself watching the local news just to get a break from the political bs. I had high hopes for this election but feel let down and somewhat hopeless