Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A wolf in sheep's clothing

Remember Phyllis Schlafly? Anti-feminist, foe to the Equal Rights Amendment, who believes that a woman cannot have a career and raise a family at the same time? She thinks that Sarah Palin is an excellent VP pick, and has recently said that Palin is exactly right on all the issues.

Yep. They're ideological twins.

They both believe that intelligent design and creationism should be taught along side evolution.

They believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned, and oppose abortion. Palin has even said that the only exception to a ban on abortion she'd support would be if childbirth would be fatal for the woman. She would not support abortion for pregnancies resulting from rape, even.

Both Schlafly and Palin oppose gay marriage.

Both Schlafly and Palin oppose explicit sex education in public schools.

They both support banning stem cell research.

They both oppose gun control.

They both think prayer in public schools would be fine.

They both pooh-pooh the concept of global warming.

I suppose Palin can one-up Schlafly, in that as far as I know Shafley doesn't go around killing wildlife, and shooting creatures from helicopters.

I would have researched their similarities further, but I've become too sick to my stomach to go further.


  1. Uppity women unite!!

  2. Aaaarghhh!!! I am so keeping my fingers crossed!!

  3. Anonymous11:17 PM

    *sob*. i am watching US politics aghast. The ideologies of this pair are the dead opposite of everything i believe. I dread the outcome of the next US election more than any other, and even more than I dreaded the outcome of our local (Australian) elections last year. fingers crossed for sanity to preveal.

    intelligent design indeed. humph! (Palin is the exception to the ID rule, isnt she?)

  4. being physically sick about sarah palin rings true to me, i feel so disgusted with everything she stands for. feels like such a waste to finally get a female in such a wonderful position who is such an "anti female" i cant even explain it but basically she is benefitting from all the hard work of previous women (and she is preaching a strong religious background) yet she supports everything anti feminine: war, violence, lack of choices for all, destruction of is sickening! sorry, i am soooo rambling!


  5. God help us all if she's elected...

    We stand together against her here:

  6. Way to go - get the message out - and vote vote vote vote

  7. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Oh, great. And here I thought Phyllis had been put to rest eons ago, only to have her reincarnated. This disgusting set of affairs would be hilarious if the American voter weren't so damn gullible. Been thinking of you, BTW!

  8. One step forward, 5 steps back. Oh the heck with it- just forget the one step forward part. Looks like another 4 years of politically sanctioned hate, bigotry and war-mongering. Oh goody. A tiny little cottage out in the deep, deep DEEP woods somewhere is looking more attractive every year.


  9. What an excellent post! You are so right. I can't even stand to listen to her on the news anymore.

  10. Diane, I am freaking out about this woman! It truly frightens me to think, if elected, she could possibly become president which is likely due to McCain's age. The other frightening thing is that many women, like my MIL (who is in her 70's) are actually buying her crap. They are like sheep to the slaughter. As much as I am pro-women in office, she is NOT the right woman in this case. BTW, she can't pronounce "nuclear" either! UGH!

  11. Heaven help us! Gag reflex in full on mode.
    Love you Diane,

  12. The pessimist part of me thinks that if this country elects this woman (well, frankly, McCain, too) that they deserve what they get. Unfortunately, those of us who know better get dragged along with them.

    It's not just four more years of the same, it's four years of "you ain't seen nuthin' yet." It's getting worse. I despair.

  13. It's great we live in a free country.
    We have a CHOICE for whom to vote... ;>)

  14. Total agreement. Here's the nauseating part for me--I was sure once people found out what she stands for she would be toast. But it seems she is what they WANT! This terrifies me. Didn't we used to want the smartest, most educated people leading our country? Now it seems smart = elitist and dumb = small town values (whatever that means)!

  15. The frightening thing is that she could get elected. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH

  16. Not to get all up in Ursula's grill but partisan voting is barely a choice at all. Honestly, I don't like either candidate or their veep picks. Voting for the lesser of two evils hardly seems satisfying.
    Still, it's more choice than many other countries. A bitter pill to swallow.