Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chartreuse, Revealed!

Over on the Twelve by Twelve blog, we're revealing our chartreuse-inspired quilts today!  Head on over to see how I used this photo as my inspiration, and to see what everyone else did, too!


  1. that is so very beautiful! I love your entry. Your thread painting is lovely. ; )
    ~Monika in Canada

  2. Yours was beautifully thought out and done- I loved the springy, fresh feeling it evokes.

    And, I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast interview with Annie Smith. So nice to put voices to the names and faces!

  3. I hope that my comments on the 12x12 blog about my own ambivalence towards realistic work in fiber brought on, or reinforced, your attitude. I am really very impressed by the skills you've shown in creating this piece and very much in support of enjoying the process -- whatever that process may be. Of course, I agree with everything you've written in this post.