Sunday, April 17, 2011

La la la, yak yak yak, yum yum yum

The wisteria is in bloom all over the neighborhood, so it must be spring! 

Today's an action-packed Sunday.  The Healdsburg Chorus is heading into our final concerts of the season, and this afternoon will be the busiest one, I think.  The music is so pretty  -- including Shenendoah, Once Upon a Time, some Gilbert and Sullivan, some silliness, and a rousing medley from Sound of Music which is so fun to sing and always gets the audience's toes tapping.  It's a shame to have to stop singing the songs just when we have gotten good at singing them!

Today is an auspicious birthday day -- Happy Birthday to my dad and my friend Pat! 

Various friends are coming into town for the chorus concert, and then we'll celebrate by a fun dinner out this evening. 

So that explains the title post -- it sums up the day.  Hope you have a beautiful Sunday ahead!

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