Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Walk in the Sunshine

It's a beautiful day in Sacramento, where Miss C and I are visiting my friend Beth for the weekend.  We thought we'd take a walk on the abandoned railroad track path near Beth's house.

Beth's dog Emmy is sauntering along with us, enjoying the smells.

 I keep falling behind, because I'm enjoying the wildflowers.


...and enjoying photographing the flowers.  There are tons of California poppies around here.

Emmy wants to know if I'm coming.

So do Beth and Miss C.  Okay, okay, I'm coming!


I think they've had enough of the pictures.  I'm just doing my job as Mamarazzi, but I get the point.  

I'll go back to just enjoying a walk in the sunshine with my daughter, my best friend, and a very mellow dog.


  1. Miss C is getting so tall!

  2. C is beautiful! More pictures!

  3. Hi, I live in sac and I absolutely love your photos. I would like to know the exact location of these if possible so I can go take photos there. I would appreciate it.