Saturday, March 06, 2010

The New Digital Frontier

My sister was just telling me about an episode of Frontline that she watched, called "Digital Nation," and I've just tracked it down online and watched it myself.  It explores the way technology is changing how we interact with the world, and whether it's changing our brains as well.  It looks at the internet, blackberries, texting, ipods, googling for research, online games, blogging and video-casting, virtual reality, even military applications.  I was especially interested in how it looked at how technology encourages multi-tasking, and what that means for how kids learn and need to learn.  It's fascinating, and raises a lot of issues about the advantages and disadvantages of technology in our lives. 

The show is online and will stream live on your computer for free, here.  (I watched it via computer while multi-tasking and tidying my office!)  Definitely a thought-provoking ninety minutes.

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