Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ups and downs, bits and pieces

Lately I have been working on my City & Guilds activities, trying to catch up after a long period of not making any progress at all.  It's the blessing and curse of self-paced programs -- flexibility, but the dangerous possibility of letting thing go.  Deciding whether to resume made me think about why I signed up in the first place: to expose myself to some new techniques, to learn from artists I admire tremendously (I'm in the course offered by Linda and Laura Kemshall), and to work more specifically on design.  The program is helping me do what I wanted to do.

Plus, there is the huge benefit of having discrete, small tasks to accomplish AND, even better, a check list to mark off when I've completed each activity.  This is enormously satisfying to me right now, when life feels a bit scattered and I'm not in the mood to start a massive new project.  Small and achieveable feels quite good!

The picture above is hand-sewn reverse applique, in case you were wondering.   The activity involved taking design inspiration from a photo and developing it into a reverse applique sample.  I'm thinking this would make a very cool border, if I were inclined to tackle that hand-sewing...

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