Thursday, March 04, 2010

Teen Time

We are officially in Teen world, and I have discovered that I am suddenly no longer my favorite daughter's person in the whole world.  Evidence Miss C's description of the movie "Up" to a friend of ours recently:

Judy:  So, did you like it?

Miss C:  It was horrible.  Boring and horrible.

Judy: I thought you'd like it!  What was horrible about it?

Miss C:  Mom kept laughing!

Judy: What was she laughing at?

Miss C:  Oh, I don't know, parts that weren't even FUNNY.  And she would gasp at parts that weren't even surprising.  It was (said with big Teen glower) really really annoying.

Me (unable to resist defending myself): But there were funny parts!  LIke how that funny bird kept hissing at the guy he didn't like!  That was funny!  And it was just like Jasmine (Miss C's cat) and how she loves you and hisses at me.

Miss C: Well, that WAS like Jasmine.  And it was kind of funny.  But YOU (said accusingly) were so annoying!

Judy: So  it wasn't the movie you didn't like, it was that your mom was being annoying  by laughing at it?

Miss C.  YES.

*** Sigh.***  I guess Roger and I will be watching our movies alone now...

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  1. Oh the wonderful love/hate teens years. Then they grow up to be your best friends again and then there are grandchildren to love. A cycle, unpleasant at times, but you will get through it.

    (66 and still learning)